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Bathurst and Melville Islands, Northern Territory

Bathurst and Melville Islands, Northern TerritoryA spectacular 80km flight from Darwin, Bathurst and Melville Islands are 8,000 sq kmof dense rainforest and secluded waterfalls. They are home to the Tiwi People. The first European contact with the Tiwi People was by the Dutch in 1705. In 1824, the British established the first settlement in northern Australia at Fort Dundas on Melville Island, near where Pirlangimpi stands today, however it was abandoned after 18 months.

The only way to see the Tiwi Islands is on an organised one or two day tour, when the Tiwi are delighted to share their elaborate religion, culture and art with you. In fact, the Tiwi are famous for their distinctive batik and silk screened clothing, woven bangles, painted conch shells, carvings, pottery and their unique Pukumani burial poles. For keen anglers, one of Australia's premier fishing locations, Barra Base Lodge is also located on Bathurst Island.

The larger island, Melville, boasts swimming holes such as those at the base of Tomorapi and Taracumbie Falls and even a nine-hole golf course.