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MerimbulaIt all begins with a leisurely stroll along the picturesque esplanade. Relax and enjoy this Mediterranean-like haven that welcomes visitors from all walks of life. Its cafes of class are second to none and the restaurants and clubs play host to a world of galloping gourmets. The cosmopolitan menus will take your taste buds on a world tour. Surrounded by Sapphire Coast seafoods, restaurants create their own style of local flavours from fresh local produce.

The magnificent sapphire blue waters that break in endless sunshine. precious golden sands and lush green landscapes that roam forever free. Merimbula paints a truly magic picture. The day begins at dawn when the sun's first rays bounce off the bow of your sail boat. Or you may have a trailer in tow. The fishing is fruitful and the town is fast becoming the Australian Broadbill Capital with game fishing getting better by the season. Charter boats are available and bookings are welcome at the Tourist Information Centre.

When the surf's up, the boards and the bodies are a sparkling blend of bronze and white water. While back on the beach sand castles and conversation are in order and your choice of beaches from Mitchies and Bar serve families on the sheltered side of the lake. The golden sands are yours for the taking. Just take your pick.

Merimbula has your perfect picnic spot and views that will take your breath away. Make the most of the coastal walks dotted all around. National Parks and State Forests abound in all directions with marked trails and astonishing ever changing landscapes and geological diversity. The sky's the limit.